“laugh-out-loud funny – a rip-roaring yarn”
Five star review from Reader’s Favourite

“a flair for humour and a touch of philosophy about the human experience”

Lovelorn and Rudderless by David Green Front Cover

“Self-deprecating wit, fluid style, finely tuned descriptions and a memorable voice.”

Strata Books

“A very entertaining and funny travelogue that inspires a deeper consideration of the nature of travel, culture and human relationships.”

Meanderings #1 - Lovelorn & Rudderless

They say that most doomed relationships end too late, that all the messy stuff happens in those clingy months of denial when you know it’s over but you won’t let go and face the uncertainty of whatever comes next. The same can sometimes be said of travel.

After Nine months in Asia, the author lands in Australia to find that all the air has escaped from his adventure balloons. Luck and happenstance guide him into (and out of) love-at-first-sight romances, near-death experiences, and a spell as a crime-fighting superhero as he desperately tried to avoid the plane home.

“This book sucks you in. Like a proper powerful vacuum”