An ambitious book that tackles, and attempts to resolve, many of the philosophical debates that concern artists on a daily basis” and “has the potential to become the touchstone of reflective writing for musicians everywhere.

Strata Books

Heartfelt, intense, a profound meditation on music.

Chris Somerville (The Times)

When Alex sets off for Asia he finds himself held by the melodies of a mysterious and primeval music. Guided by elusive backstreet characters and a trail of confusing symbols, he must unstitch the threads of an ancient Brotherhood to solve the riddle contained within him. He must become more than a Master of his own destiny.

The Musician is a mesmerising story of a character trapped in another man’s history and freed by revelations about the structure, the beauty and the very essence of music.

Shortly after publishing The Musician in 2006, the independent publisher disappeared from the world.  Where did they go? Nobody knows. There was a door in Portishead. One of us should have knocked on it, but nobody did. Now the door has gone too and all rights have reverted to me.

Agents and Publishers

Interest has been expressed in republishing The Musician. Add to the clamour…